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.... like your chin is as big as my belly!
Alyssa "Redd" Carswell
Bad Girl Information
"The Luscious Loudmouth"
December 13, 1988
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 12: Chicago
Season 13: Redemption
The Conversation: The Bad Girls Of Reality TV
19 episodes
Season 12
Blu Booth
Britt Britton
Loren Jordan
Season 13
Camilla Poindexter
Jada Cacchilli
Julie Ofcharsky
Rocky Santiago
Danni Victor
Season 12'
Aysia Garza
Alexandria Rice
Jada Cacchilli (formerly)
Season 13
Natalie Nunn
Sarah Oliver
Judi Jai (formerly)
The Fab 4
Removed from house in Season 12
Removed from house in Season 13
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Alyssa "Redd" Carswell (also known as The Luscious Loudmouth) is an original bad girl on Season 12 & Season 13. She is currently 34 years old and she resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 


Better known as “Redd,” Alyssa is an outgoing comedian with a fearful demeanor. Her intimidating size gains respect from most, but her tough exterior only disguises her inner vulnerability. Growing up a daddy’s girl, Alyssa’s world was changed when her father walked out on their family after her mom was left paralyzed from a routine surgery. She is entering the BGC mansion to change her reputation and, for the first time in her life let people see her softer side.

Redd’s intimidating persona gains respect from most, but her tough exterior only disguises her inner vulnerability. Her time in Chicago taught her that she's not always right and that teamwork can go a long way. Redd hopes to use this opportunity back in the mansion to work on taming her temper and redeeming her actions from the reunion.


Season 12: Chicago[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1-7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11
Redd Redd Redd Redd Redd Redd
  1. Redd voluntarily left the house in episode 8 due to a family emergency.
  2. Redd returned to the house in episode 9.
  3. Redd is removed from the house in episode 11 after a physical altercation with Jada.
  4. Redd is replaced by Dalila in episode 12.

Season 13: Redemption[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4
Redd Redd Redd Redd Redd
  1. Redd is removed from the show in episode 4 after jumping Natalie during a physical altercation with Rocky.


Image Opponents Episode
ReddJada1 Jada Seeing Redd
Reddvsjada2 Family Affairs
ReddNatalie13 Natalie Judging Judi
Reddvsnat3 Birthday Blowout
ReddNatalie3 The Conversation


  • She is the first Bad Girl to be removed from the house twice, followed by Natalie.
  • She is the first girl to be removed for breaking the "No Jumping" rule implemented after season 11.
  • She auditioned for season 11 but was rejected.


Season 12[]

Season 13[]