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If you can't talk to them, I guess you gotta f*cking put them in their f*cking place!
Allison Green
Bad Girl Information
The Rock N' Roll Barbie
Las Vegas, Nevada
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 15: Twisted Sisters
7 episodes
Amber Thorne
Angela Babicz
Asia Jeudy
Dime Jimenez
Kristina Babicz
Jaimee Wallace
Jaz Wallace
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Allison Green (also known as The Rock 'N Roll Barbie) is a replacement bad girl on Season 15. Allison is currently 25 years old and she resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Season 15: Twisted Sisters

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8
Allison Allison Allison Allison Allison Allison
  1. Allison replaced Amanda in episode 4.
  2. Allison voluntarily left the house in episode 8 after getting into multiple physical altercations with Jaimee & Jazmyn.


Opponents Episode
AllisonJazmyn.gif Jazmyn Birthday Blowout
Alimelissajaimeejaz.gif Jazmyn


OG Overthrow


  • Both Allison & Melissa are in a group called the Millionaires.