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All's Bad That Ends Bad
Los Angeles
Season 3, Episode 13
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All's Bad That Ends Bad is the thirteenth and final episode of the third season of Bad Girls Club.


The girls arrive at the mansion to find Whitney's wishes to all members of the Fab 5. The house feels empty and the girls look for something to do. Going out, Sarah lets out that she was unfaithful to Noah, which destroys their relationship. The next day, the remaining girls board a motor ship to celebrate their last day in the house. Everyone is getting along, dancing, taking pictures and having fun. Back at the house, Tiffany invites her brother to come. Amber M. wants to get to know him. When he comes, she falls asleep and lets him touch her. Later, when he is gone, professional chefs come into the house to cook exotic food as the last supper together. Amber M. comes up to Tiffany to say that she took her brother's actions offensively. Tiffany gets upset and then blows up at the supper because Amber M. cannot say correctly where he touched her. The supper is wrecked. The next day, Tiffany and Amber M. make up and forget all their grudges. Since it's the last day, the girls decide to destroy the house. They throw all their furniture into the pool, shatter a glass chandelier and spray paint on walls, closing Season 3.