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Alicia vs. Raquel and Shannon
Season 10: Atlanta
Between Shannon Sarich, Raquel "Rocky" Santiago and Alicia Samaan


While Nancy and Valentina were at the hotel from the fight the night before, Rocky and Shannon decided that they weren't going to be getting jumped anymore, since Alicia jumped them their previous fights. So they proceed to throw things at Alicia in her sleep. When she wakes up, she goes to eat and complain along with the other girls and then Rocky arrives to confront Alicia asking her if she wanted to jump her again, Alicia pretends she doesn’t know what Rocky was talking about and then Rocky gets fed up and pulls Alicia out of the chair by her hair and begins punching her in the head and face dragging her across the room and grass. Shannon jumps in adding a kick to Alicia in the back before security comes and tries to get Rocky out of Alicia since she was beating her up really badly.

Winners: Rocky and Shannon