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Alicia "Ally" Ramsdell
Bad Girl Information
The Bad Ass Beauty Queen
August 31, 1992
Atlanta, Georgia
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 14: Back for More
4 episodes
Jenna Charland
Amber Zadora
Ginger Miller
Jasmine Carter
Lauren Lewis (formerly)
Kat Florek
Left the house in Season 14
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Alicia "Ally" Ramsdell (also known as The Bad Ass Beauty Queen) is a replacement bad girl on Season 14. Ally is currently 24 years old and she resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 8 Episode 9
Ally Ally Ally
  1. Ally replaced Jelaminah in episode 8.
  2. Ally voluntarily left the house in episode 9 after an altercation with Lauren & Jasmine.


  • Ally and Lauren knew each other before BGC.
  • Allegedly, Ally's exit was set up by production.


Season 14[]