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I'm tired of living in my father's shadow, I am my own person!
Alexandria Rice
Bad Girl Information
The Hot Model
July 26, 1990
Sherwood, Wisconsin
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 12: Chicago
17 episodes
Aysia Garza
Jada Cacchilli
Blu Booth
Britt Britton (formerly)
Dalila Ortiz (formerly)
Redd Carswell
Loren Jordan
Raesha Clanton (formerly)
Lame Three
Kicked out of the house in Season 12
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Alexandria "Alex" Rice (also known as The Hot Model) is a original bad girl of Season 12. Alexandria is currently 32 and resides in Sherwood, Wisconsin.


This college graduate is a wild party girl with a penchant for athletes. Alex is a model and is always dressed to impress. She even has a personal stylist on-call to help her get dressed daily. She credits her trust issues, especially with women, to her rocky relationship with her father, and hopes this opportunity will allow her to build more confidence in people.


Season 12: Chicago[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-5 Episode 6-8 Episode 9-13 Episode 14
Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex
  1. Alex was kicked out of the house in the season finale by Loren, Jonica, and Jada.


Season 12[]