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24 Hours in the BGC
Bad Girls Club: East Meets West
Season 17, Episode 3
Air date February 28, 2017
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24 Hours in the BGC is the third episode of the seventeenth season of the Bad Girls Club. It aired on February 28, 2017.


The episode picks up with Keyaira and Sayyora fighting, leading to Keyaira literally dragging Sayyora across the floor. Deshayla has issues with her boo back home, but after getting a girl's number at dinner, going to a burlesque show, and receiving advice from Keyaira, she decides to just try and have some fun. The rift between Kiyanna and Keyaira widens as cliques begin to form with Kiyanna, Sayyora and Francesca on one side and Deshayla, Keyaira, Seven and Susan on the other. Sayyora decides to invite a boy over, which doesn't sit well with Keyaira. After constant arguing between the two, they eventually fight. This fight ends up Sayyora with a big scratch between her eyes from Keyaira's jewelry. Keyaira is sent to a hotel. Seven decides to confront Kiyanna about her crying about all the fights, even though she has been the one instigating all of these fights. After the two almost fight, Seven is sent to a hotel. The episode ends with Keyaira and Seven's fates left up in the air.

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