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"Reunion: Part 1"
Los Angeles, California
Season 16, Episode 8
BGC 16
Air date December 6, 2016
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The girls return to LA for the reunion. Tanisha invites Erica Mena to help her as a Co-Host. Kandyce returns to stage and brings a gift for Brynesha's kids and apologizes for what she said about them. Kaila and Tabatha come out on stage and Kaila runs up to Kandyce, sparking an epic cliffhanger.

2 Fights and 5 Arguments:

Kandyce vs Kaila

Kabrina and Kandyce vs. Kaila, Tabatha and Elliadria

Kaila vs. Kandyce

Tabatha vs. Kabrina

Kandyce vs. Tabatha

Tanisha vs. Adryan

Brynesha vs. Zee